Those Memories in Seoul | Ewha Womans University

Beside YES AM PM shopping mall

Besides Ewha Campus Center

One of Ewha old building

Ewha Pfizer Hall

Dr. Robbin’s Cappucino. Like my Lithuanian friend said “The best coffee they’ve had here” πŸ™‚

Road to Engineering and IT faculty. Up up up uphill *Pheww*

Then, we’re going downhill

Daily route from dormitory to the classes

Do you believe that there’s 6 levels building below the ground? Where I stepped on it?

Then you should check this out πŸ™‚

Welch-Ryang Auditorium. Hillary Clinton gave her speech on Feb 2009 while visiting Ewha.

Those windows are part of Samsung International House, where Europeans guys bask on summer time πŸ™‚

The balcony is part of Grad Student Dorm B, my 3-semesters crib. Mini Mart (check), 24 hr gym (check), 24 hr vending machine (check), 4 study rooms (check), Lounge with 52 inch TV and sofas (check), 24 hr very berry merry high speed internet connection (check), parking lot (check), laundry and dryer machines (check), Iron rooms (check) and beautiful Chapel (check).

Coridor Level 1

Room B117 and its resident on Winter

So obvious

ECC on Spring

My favorite ‘Place to hide from crowds’ is on the top of this building.

That half-circle Window gives you the greatest views of Ewha. In any seasons!

Stairs to Central Library instead of Β heaven ^_^;

Left: Samsung Guest House. Front: International Education Building.

No need to mention πŸ˜‰

Photo Documentation by Ayunda Swacita.My portraits made by Modesta Naciute. 2009.

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